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Plywood Logistics: Direct Plywood Supplier. Special Features and the Benefits We Provide

Do you want to buy plywood at an affordable price? Look no further than Plywood Logistics when it comes to buying high-quality plywood products.

Who We Are

Are you looking for the best plywood suppliers in the USA? As a long-serving company, Plywood Logistics is the leading direct supplier of plywood products across the USA. By collaborating with the best plywood manufacturers all over the USA, we make sure to provide the highest quality of products across the USA, Canada, and Mexico. We pride ourselves on providing quality products and services to clients. Plywood Logistics has its own warehouse in Los Angeles to supply the best quality plywood products. On this platform, you can buy everything from OSB, marine-grade plywood, CDX plywood to water-resistant plywood. Do you wonder what makes us the market leader as the plywood supplier in the USA? It’s none other than our commitment to providing the best we can. In addition to providing quality products, our free consultation team is always dedicated to hearing all your queries. We have the best solutions to all your problems regarding plywood products. Our exclusive concierge service is another huge plus, of course.

We Offer a Wide Range of Plywood Products to Cater to Everyone’s Needs

Plywood Logistics is not restricted to one or two plywood products only. We understand every customer has varying needs. For that reason, we supply a wide range of plywood products to meet everyone’s needs. Many manufacturers prefer us for supplying the highest quality of products. Plywood is, of course, the best material for the construction project no matter big or small. As one of the leading plywood suppliers, we have a large inventory of plywood to cater to everyone’s needs and requirements. Most importantly, late delivery can affect your construction project to a great extent. That’s why we ensure on-time and quick delivery to give you peace of mind. When you choose Plywood Logistics, there is nothing to worry about quality because we deliver only the best.

Our Services

In addition to quality products, we provide some top-notch quality services to help our clients with their construction needs. From assistance with plywood selection to drilling, milling, grooving, and cutting, we can help you get the most out of your project. Let’s take a look at what we offer in each of our services.

Assistance with plywood selection

Looking for assistance with plywood selection for your project? Don’t worry you have come to the right platform. The layers of wood veneer combine to make the plywood. Plywood is made of different layers of wood veneer glued together. Due to its exceptional properties, plywood is commonly used all over the USA mainly for construction projects. It is one of the top picks for most construction projects, including indoor furniture, boats, docks, and cabinet making. Do you know what makes it so special? Many types of plywood are economical as well. Moreover, high-quality sheets of plywood do not warp or crack easily, and these sheets last longer than any other ordinary product.

However, different types of plywood are used for different purposes. For that reason, you might be facing it difficult to choose the right plywood product for your project. It is necessary to know the benefits and features of all plywood products before making a decision. This is where Plywood Logistics comes in handy, providing you much-needed assistance for the selection of the right plywood. Our experts can provide you the solution to your problem and offer a free consultation. Let our experts choose the ideal plywood for your project in order to take the burden off your shoulders.


Do you need expert hands to deal with the drilling process? Our attention to detail work can help you with drilling services. Our experts are specialized to deal with every aspect of the drilling process. As the leading direct plywood supplier, we make sure to cover all your needs and requirements through our high-end drilling services. All you need is to provide us with the exact requirements of your project, and our experts will take care of all your drilling needs.


At Plywood Logistics, we have endless resources for milling services. Our experts can oversee the construction process and determine all your milling needs for your project. If you are looking for cost-effective milling solutions, then you have come to the right place. For your convenience, we offer on-site milling services to the clients no matter whether you need full production order or just a single part.

Plywood Logistics has all the experience, expertise, and equipment to provide you exceptional milling services. Looking for someone to carry out a milling job for you? Give us a chance and we will get it done professionally.


When it comes to woodwork or any other relevant construction project, professional grooving services can make a huge difference. In addition to providing premium quality plywood products, Plywood Logistics specializes in offering top-notch grooving services as well. We are a one-stop show when it comes to dealing with any kind of grooving services. Do you need to groove drawers’ bottoms or the frame panels? Our experts can help with any kind of grooving service. We can get the job done quickly and professionally. Provide us with your project details and requirements, and our experienced team will carry out any grooving job to get your work done as soon as possible.


At Plywood Logistics, we provide professional cutting services for MDF and HDF. We specialize in CNC and laser cutting. Our experienced team can get the job done professionally and quickly using the latest cutting equipment. We can take on every project from simple to complicated ones. Just give us a call whether you want a service for MDF and HDF or any other types of plywood. Let us deal with the cutting work of plywood panels to get the job done for you.

Benefits We Provide To Potential Clients

As a long-serving plywood supplier company, we offer a range of benefits to our potential clients all over the USA. Customer satisfaction always comes in first for us. Nothing can better comfort the customer than providing exactly what they are looking for. We aim at providing high-end and professional products or services to the potential clients of plywood. Here are some of the benefits we provide:

Free consultation

Deciding on which type of plywood you should use can be overwhelming for you. We offer a free consultation to the clients and help them buy the right plywood for their projects. Our clients trust us for giving valuable and much-needed advice.

Cut the cost of the agent’s commission

Working with a professional direct plywood supplier can help you cut down the extra cost of the agent’s commission. Our plywood products are available for sale at a reasonable price. Looking for a wholesale plywood supplier? Visit our website today to buy something to your liking!

Delivering all over the US

Delivery all over the US is one of the main benefits we provide to our clients. The potential buyers of plywood prefer us for a professional, reliable and quick delivery service. We make this process hassle-free to give you peace of mind.

OSB (Oriented Strand Board)
OSB (Oriented Strand Board)

The Way We Work

We work in the easiest possible way to help our clients. Starting with the consultation session and ending with quality control, we make every step as smooth as possible. Here are the 5 steps involved in our work to meet all your needs and requirements.

  • We offer free consultation sessions to the clients. With this session, you can make a well-informed decision about which plywood product would work better for your project.
  • After choosing the product, we will send you the contract with the details of your product. We make this contract to escalate the process.
  • We have a proven record of on-time delivery. Plywood Logistics guarantees a quick delivery to make sure you receive your order as soon as possible.
  • Before any order dispatch, our experts review each shipment carefully. Regardless of the size of your order, we review your order to make sure everything is up to the mark.
  • Last but not the least, we get feedback from our potential buyers of plywood and make sure to bring major improvements in order to deliver only the highest quality of products.

Reasons To Buy The Plywood In Plywood Logistics

Let’s take at some of the reasons which encourage the potential buyers of plywood to choose us.

High-quality products

Whether you are looking for medium density overlay (MDO) plywood or high-density overlay (HDO) plywood, Plywood Logistics is a one-stop show for all high-quality plywood products. We have something for everyone on our platform. Plywood is one of the most commonly used products when it comes to construction. Our premium quality products resist atmospheric changes. The products come in varying strengths and properties to cater to everyone’s needs. We make sure to keep our customers satisfied by collaborating with the top local manufacturers in the USA.

Products from top-ranked manufactures in the USA

All of our products come from the leading plywood manufacturers in the USA. It means our products are produced locally and in accordance with the country’s standards. We deliver quality products as the best wholesale plywood supplier.

Guaranteed on-time delivery

Are you tired of receiving late deliveries? Not anymore when working with Plywood Logistics. Our proven record of on-time delivery gives the best reason to the potential buyers to choose us when buying plywood products.

One-stop show

At Plywood Logistics, we offer everything such as Baltic birch plywood, hardwood plywood, softwood plywood, marine-grade plywood, and many more. As a one-stop show, we provide cost-effective solutions to all your construction needs.


Properties of plywood make it the best material used for construction purposes, including exterior wall sheathing, interior walls, roofing, cabinet making, and more. Plywood Logistics is one of the leading plywood suppliers in the US. If you’re facing it tough to choose the right plywood product, our experts can provide you a free consultation. You can find a variety of plywood products on our platform. Buy one that suits your needs and requirements!

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