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CDX Plywood (C-D Exposure)

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Our CDX is designed to bear significant loads and can be used in massive construction buildings. It is also repellent of shape contortion during tremors and blows, providing weather resistance in general.

CDX (C-D Exposure) is one of the most sold products for its durability, surface hardness, and high performance.

Plywood Logistics is a leading supplier of CDX Plywood all across the US that is a perfect solution for building exterior walls and roofs.


Our CDX is manufactured in strict compliance with Specification GTT M3010 and exhibits high strength and long-time stability, even under extreme temperatures (-196°C).

Standard sizes, mm (ft)1220×2440 (4×8), 1550×1550 (5×5)
Thickness, mm3-21
Surface typesmooth/smooth (F/F)
Film density, g/m²120
Wear resistance of the film, cycles in Taber abrasion test350
Formaldehyde emission classЕ1
Water resistancehigh
Density, kg/m²640-700
Moisture content, %up to 14
Edge sealingacryl-based water resistant paint

Length/width tolerances
Ultimate static bending strength, min MPaalong the grain of face veneers60
Against the grain of face veneers30
Static bending elasticity modulus, min MPAalong the grain6 000
Against the grain3,000


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