Top 7 Reasons to Buy Baltic Birch Plywood from Direct Plywood Supplier

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As the name suggests, Baltic birch plywood comes from the Baltic States and Russia. It is built using a specific method to ensure more strength and durability. It is considered as being of higher quality as compared to the standard birch plywood. Do you wonder what makes it better in quality than the standard birch plywood? Birch plies are used to make it, and there are no softwood or filler plies in the center as we can see in the other regular plywood.  In Baltic birch plywood, the plies are uniform and thinner. The structure allows for more plies for a given thickness. As a result, it offers much greater stability and stiffness.  The outer ply of the product is known as ‘face veneer’, which is 1.5 millimeters thick. This thickness is about twice that of other regular plywood.

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Baltic birch plywood is popularly used in furniture and cabinet making. Many people in the US prefer this type of plywood over other regular plywood for cabinets and furniture. As compared to other types of plywood, the Baltic birch is stronger and more durable. An attractive and uniform face makes it the best choice for cabinets and furniture manufacturers. The trees are harvested from the Eastern European Baltic Sea region, and this is where this type of plywood gets its name from.

Baltic birch plywood is not restricted to cabinets and furniture only. It can be used for many other things as well. You can use it for making the core of skateboards because this kind of plywood offers more strength, durability, and affordability. Speaker boxes and the shell for custom trailers are some other special uses of Baltic birch plywood. A reliable Baltic birch plywood supplier like Plywood Logistics can provide the highest quality of the product.

The manufacturers can use this kind of plywood for a range of functions. However, it is often used for structural purposes, cabinets, and furniture making because of its consistency and durability. It is ideal for kitchen and bathroom spaces. With the help of exterior grade lamination, it gets less exposed to water damage that is a huge plus for using it for said purposes. Looking to make cabinets for any of these two rooms? Buy Baltic birch plywood from a professional supplier in the USA.

Reasons To Buy Baltic Birch Plywood

Here are some of the key reasons to buy Baltic birch plywood and from the direct plywood supplier.

Excellent screw strength

Thin sheets of birch wood or distinct veneers are used to make the core layers of Baltic plywood. The making process makes a void-free core, which is useful for the screw bite with the wood threads. This type of inner structure results in a durable, stable, and attractive sheet. Remember, Russian Baltic Birch has uniform nature that makes it less prone to chipping and shock damage. It is one of the main reasons why this type of plywood is preferred over regular plywood. Some of the regular plywood has softer veneers that get exposed to voids and can be easily damaged. When you put screws inside a traditional wood, chances are it will be run into the void because there is no wood thread for the screw to hold on to. This is where Baltic plywood comes in handy and is generally preferred over other types.

Cleaner Joinery

The making process of Baltic plywood makes it end up with cleaner and stronger joints in addition to the void-free core. Dovetail and finger joints are examples of cleaner joinery. When it comes to Russian birch, every part of joint profiling is critical to woodworking. Every layer is compressed and consistently bonded with glue, making the product highly durable and last longer. It also reduces the chances of delimitation and results in a visually appealing appearance, especially at the edges.

Improved stability and strength

The direct Baltic birch plywood suppliers offer a high-quality product that comes with improved strength and stability. Remember, each plywood runs the risk of warping. Bowing is the most common type of warp when it comes to plywood. In the case of Baltic plywood, it is much better than other plywood. It has balanced sheets with the help of cross-banded layers of 1.5 mm thick birch veneer. As a result, it makes the product much flatter. When it comes to large pieces, the thinners sheets will not remain flat. There is no problem though because such sheets can be used in other several applications such as cabinet backs and drawer bottoms. In these applications, such sheets are cut down into smaller sizes like dadoes and rabbets. Because of the more plies, the thicker sheet tends to be more stable. This type of plywood offers improved stability and strength, which makes it the best choice for cabinets, furniture, and other applications.

Exceptional appearance

Looking for plywood that features an attractive appearance? Baltic birch is an ideal choice. If you like the look, you can leave the edges of the product exposed because it is visually appealing. It is one of the main reasons to buy Baltic birch plywood from a direct plywood supplier. The exposed edges can work better for the project because of their appearance. The core is free of voids as well. As a result, you can save much time and effort needed to apply edge tape or solid edge banding. However, if you still want to apply it, there is nothing wrong with it. 

If you need a different color, the face and back can be stained. Make sure to apply a stain controller in order to make it stain evenly with an oil-based pigment stain just like solid birch lumber. You can also use dye for even color as well. Want to keep the uniform and light color? All you need is to simply finish the product with a basic clear top coat of polyurethane or lacquer.

Thicker face veneer with reasonable quality

The face and back veneers of Baltic birch plywood are much thicker than what you can see on traditional plywood. It is, of course, a huge plus which makes Baltic plywood a preferred option for cabinets. The traditional cabinet-grade plywood features thin veneers, and these get easily damaged. Moreover, these are easy to sand through as well. But, it doesn’t happen with the high-quality Baltic birch plywood because the outer veneers are thick and nice.

This type of plywood comes in several grades as well. But the second-highest grade is the most commonly known as BB/BB. It means veneers of both face and back are single piece veneers without any splices. These could have six small color-matched patches, which can be egg-sized footballs or any other shape. Moreover, front and back veneers can have tight pin knots or light mineral streaks.

Paperback veneer

You may not like the outer birch appearance (football patches) of the Baltic birch plywood. But that’s not a problem because it accepts paperback veneer if you like more decorative projects. Choose any kind of beautiful wood veneer to face this plywood. However, you will need to veneer both sides in order to maintain its stability.

Excellent for laser cutting and engraving

It is the most popular type of plywood that comes in large sheets yet they are consistently dense enough to be cut with a laser. It is an excellent product for laser cutting and engraving, which makes it the best choice for cabinets and furniture making. This benefit of Baltic plywood is one of the main reasons to buy the product from the leading plywood supplier like Plywood Logistics.

These seven reasons to buy Baltic birch plywood are enough for any potential buyer looking for a quality product that can be used in cabinets, furniture, and other similar applications.

Applications of Baltic Birch Plywood

There are numerous applications of Baltic birch plywood, such as:

  • Baltic birch offers fantastic dimensional stability that makes it the best choice for many applications, including tool cabinets, clamp racks, tool stands, work tables, router jigs, push sticks, auxiliary fences, and more.
  • It can be used for certain types of furniture because of its great appearance. Some of those include cabinets, drawer boxes, casework, craft tables, shelves, and children’s furniture. Looking for the cabinets that go under sinks? Baltic birch plywood is an ideal choice because of its exterior grade adhesive lamination. Remember, cabinets can be destroyed if you ever have a plumbing leak in your home or office. On the other hand, cabinets made with Baltic birch plywood do not get damaged and will easily foster mold.
  • Skateboards, custom speaker boxes, scroll saw art, forms, CNC furniture parts, laser engraving, trailer shells, and signage are some of the other applications of Baltic birch plywood.

Due to these applications, it is one of the famous types of plywood used all over the USA.

As the leading direct plywood supplier, Logistics Plywood ensures 100% customer satisfaction by offering high-quality Baltic birch plywood products. For its durability, lightweight, and high performance, Baltic birch plywood is one of the most commonly used products. Looking to buy it from a long-serving Baltic birch plywood supplier? Look no further than Plywood Logistics for the quality products it offers.


Uniform birch plies are used to make the Baltic birch plywood. Such plies make the product more stable as compared to other regular types of plywood. It can be used for various applications, including cabinets and furniture making. However, it is essential to buy this type of plywood from a reliable plywood supplier to make sure the product will last long. Some ordinary materials used for cabinet get exposed to water and prone to damage as well. This is where Baltic birch plywood takes an edge and offers higher durability in such conditions.

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