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Top 8 Benefits of Buying Plywood Directly from a Plywood Supplier

After the internet explosion of 1994, each and every industry has felt its impact. This has revolutionized the e-commerce industry for good and is still transforming it to be better, day by day. Several latest technologies and innovations have reduced the supply chain and permanently removed some of the middlemen and go-betweens we’ve long dependent on. Whether it be the book publications or the drop shipping facilities, the internet has touched everything. And the Plywood Industry is no exception.

In today’s day and age, you can buy anything directly from the supplier’s website rather than going onsite. It is a much easier option for people, who don’t have the time to drive all the way to the shop. And apart from this, this new “system” is cutting out the middleman, which is an excellent thing for both – The Supplier and The Buyer.

Since the last decade, there has been a huge increase in direct method selling, over 48%, because of the already established infrastructure available to the manufacturers and the suppliers. People should realize the potential profits that they can gain by directly purchasing the plywood from the suppliers.

Let’s have a look, from the Buyer’s perspective, at how beneficial it is to directly purchase plywood from the supplier, rather than from a retailer.

1. Lower Prices

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After cutting costs of delivering the plywood from one person to the other, across the entire chain. And by removing the commissions of every plywood wholesaler and distributor in between. There is a significant price difference, up to 20%, that you’ll see in the market and at the suppliers. Besides these, there are also multiple profit margins and taxes involved when you’re buying from a third-party. Plus, their personal expenses like:

●     Transportation

●     Employee Retention

●     Marketing

●     Storage

Hence, we can be assured that we will always get a better price at suppliers than from a second-level distributor.

2. Superior Shipping and Quality Control

Plywood supplier

Whenever the plywood supplier ships his product directly to you, then there are fewer intermediate transit steps involved. That means the chances of shipping accidents are rare. And damages because of poorly stored supplies, such as due to extreme temperatures or moist conditions, can be avoided. It is a direct transfer from the supplier’s factory to your home. And manufacturers know how to properly package and handle their stock, in the best condition possible. As mentioned in the previous point, these factors also dramatically reduce your delivery cost and time.

Removing intermediaries and half-way steps from the shipping and retailing process also give you a clear view of what’s happening in transit and whether steps need to be taken to minimize any kind of product damage or address difficulties in the last stage of product movement. Suppose plywood supplier is the only party handling your products before you receive it. In that case, they can have complete supervision over shipping & packaging, and therefore can handle any reported defects or damages far more efficiently.

3. Guarantees Provided

Guarantees for plywood buyers

If you’ve ever brought some products from a retailer, then you know how hard it is to repair or replace something when it breaks down. Well, this is not the case with direct suppliers or manufacturers of plywood. They offer you with some of the best deals in the market when it comes to guarantees. And unlike some greedy shopkeepers, no extra costs for extended warranties, are applied with the purchase.

4. Custom Made Products

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Another profound benefit of buying plywood from direct plywood supplier is that you can have it tailored according to your need. Suppliers and manufacturers can create a bespoke design that goes with your project. And if you want the ultra-specific precision level, then it is wise to contact the supplier. Wholesale retailers do not have that kind of craftsmen with them. Also, durability is not assured by them. They usually opt for the generic sizes and cuts, since their target audience is super broad.

5. Expert Service

Plywood supplier

When it comes to the selection process, you cannot consult a retailer for it. You need an expert. And manufacturers and suppliers are the masters for their craft. They know exactly how the wood is processed from the moment it is chopped down from the tree to its final stage as the log.

If you are buying a product directly, utilize the direct line you have with the manufacturer. In case you have any queries regarding how to use the product or need modifications to make it work smoothly for your project, consult the manufacturers/suppliers. They know their products thoroughly, and they can be the perfect consultant to help you increase the product’s benefits.

If you describe your vision to them, they can accurately tell you what will be the best-suited wood for you, both quality and quantity-wise. And in case, if they don’t have it available on-the-spot, then they can custom design it for you. Or point you to the right plywood supplier who can do the job. Even after making the purchase, if you are wondering where to look for the right tools and guidance to carry on your project, then you can contact the supplier.

6. Trustworthy Service

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The Furniture of a place is the pride of it, which remains there for years or even decades. You can neither compromise with its design nor with its quality; that’s why you must buy the right stock from the right person.

When buying from a supplier, you can be more confident with your purchase because you can carefully look at the product and its details before placing the order. Plywood manufacturers and suppliers are credible sources that people can trust. They can provide you with precise data regarding the product. Besides this, when you get in touch with the direct suppliers, you suddenly become a part of a larger like-minded people’s group. And as a friend, you can share your concerns and take recommendations from them.

7. Direct Feedback and Instant Response

Feedback from plywood buyers

After buying the product, people often provide their feedback on the item and share their experience of the purchase. Manufacturers take these suggestions very seriously and make the required changes as soon as possible. These quick actions and improvements evolve them and enable them to provide you the best service that none other can. This type of rapid advancement is only possible if the production and the sales department are under one roof and work together hand-in-hand.

8. Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Beneficial relationships with plywood supplier

Because of the directness of the business transactions between the supplier and the customer, there are benefits at both ends. Since there are no commissions involved in between both parties, plywood supplier can sell at a reasonable profit margin, while keeping the cost lower than the market price for the buyer. This is a win-win situation for both the customer and the seller, which can develop a long-lasting business relationship and adds value to both parties.

There is usually some considerable monetary value involved in setting up deals with new manufacturers, but an excellent customer-supplier relationship can remove many of those costs.

By cooperating in a mutually beneficial relationship with key manufacturers, organizations and individuals can strive for cost savings over the long term.

Harmonious working relationships with manufacturers will not only help you in monetary savings, but they will also reduce availability problems, latencies, and quality concerns – and that means a better service for the consumer.


It’s a better choice to buy directly from a plywood supplier. The rates will be better; it will be easier to get guarantee replacements, lead times will be more authentic, and you can be more confident that you’re getting what you ordered.

As you might have already realized by now, the benefits of direct purchase far exceed the pros of buying from some third-party source. You can distinctly see the enhanced quality of the plywood, in comparison to the low-standard wood available in the market,  and experience the flexibility of the bespoke designs. Also, you are getting all of this at a much lower price than the market and with expert assistance. From the suppliers, you will be able to get better deals than from a retailer, on warranties and guarantees, and maybe some discount. And if you work with the wood on a more frequent basis, then you must have a couple of suppliers on your speed-dial because it shall significantly benefit you in the long run and will save you a fortune.

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