Baltic birch plywood

Why Baltic Birch Plywood Is On Top Of Everyone’s List

Demands of Russian Baltic Birch in the USA are skyrocketing, and Baltic plywood suppliers are being contacted more than ever before. Perhaps this is about time for you to get curious about the ideal wood type for your passion projects and household activities.

Whether it’s about wooden cabinets, furniture or wooden artwork, wood products are regarded as luxurious no matter which state you are from. Especially in the USA, using wood always has been preferable to concrete, bricks, and cement since it is easily available and makes repairing them easier and cheaper.

In today’s article, we shall discuss the distinctive characteristics of the Russian Baltic birch plywood and why it’s always relatively preferable to all other kinds of woods.

About Baltic Birch Plywood

Baltic Birch Plywood

To put briefly Russian Baltic Birch Plywood is birch, and like other birches, it’s native to Europe where it’s harvested from, or the northeastern part of Europe somewhere around the Baltic sea to be precise, hence the name Baltic.
It’s regarded as being the ideal type due to its visual allure, durability, uniform face, and exceptionally well strength and stability. The plies of Baltic plywood are light in appearance.

Baltic Birch Plywood in Manufacture

From your home to your shop Russian Birch always comes handy in a wide array of uses due to its enormous ability to hold screws, strong shock resistance, and the attractive and stiffer appearance upon finishing.
Russian Birch Plywood Manufacturers can utilize the unique characteristics of Baltic Plywood in endless ways; a few are listed below:

  1. Baltic Plywood veneers are great for furniture making.
  2. Baltic Plywood is great for clamp racks, bookshelves, and various wooden stands.
  3. Its flexible nature is great for sliding skateboards.
  4. Easier to work on laser engraved products.

Why Baltic Plywood? Here Are Some Facts

Baltic Plywood

Now, without further ado, let’s get on with the reasons why Baltic Plywood is on the top of everyone’s list.

  1. Exceptional Screw Strength
  2. Cleaner Joints
  3. Enormous Stability
  4. Allows laser engraving and cutting
  5. Veneer Quality
  6. Can be stacked with other veneers
  7. Visual Allure
  8. Comparison with Finnish Birch

Exceptional Screw Strength

Core layers of Baltic Plywood are made from the distinct veneers (thin sheets of birch wood), each birch layer consisting of 3mm size, which makes a void-free core helping the screw bite with all wood threads, thus resulting in a stable, durable and visually pleasing sheet.

This uniform nature of Russian Baltic birch makes it less prone to shock damage and chipping and is one of the reasons why Baltic plywood is generally preferred over cheaper and softer veneers which are more prone to voids and can be easily damaged or sanded since screws when putting inside a traditional wood might run into the void hence there’s no wood thread for the screw to hold on to, the softer nature of the wood doesn’t guarantee long term placement of screws either.

Cleaner Joints

Baltic plywood joints

In relation to the void-free core, any product manufactured from Baltic plywood ends up with stronger and cleaner joints such as the dovetail and finger joint. Dados and Rabbets tend to do just well. Every bit of joint profiling of Russian birch is critical to woodworking. Each layer is consistently bonded and compressed with glue, which makes the product last longer, reduces the chances of delimitation, and provides a very good appearance to the edges as well.

Enormous Stability

Every wood product inevitably runs the risk of warping (disfiguring) such as bowing and bending from various parts; however, the manufacturing nature of Russian Baltic Birch lends a strong resistance towards such disfiguring.

For Example, The layer plies of at least 1.5mm thickness always end up in balanced sheets, thus providing flatter surfaces. Although, the thinner plies, typically of 1/8″ and 1/4″ sizes, are venerable to warping if the product is a large piece of work.

Better use of joints can significantly reduce the chances of physical disfiguration as well. In Russian plywood, the consistent layers of glue combined with the plies contribute to great dimensional stability. Russian Birch contains more layers than traditional wood of the same thickness.
For Example, Traditional plywood might approximately have 5-7 layers per 3/4″ sheet while Baltic plywood of the same size will have 13 layers, therefore, contributing to greater stability and durability.

Allows Laser Engraving And Cutting

Plywood Laser Cutting

The extra thickness of Russian Baltic Birch’s large sheets makes it possible to be engraved by lasers and designed into any kind of product from structural projects to artwork.

As we discussed above, the thinner plies of 1/8″ and 1/4″ sizes don’t always stay flat; therefore, it is recommended that you use the thicker layers for laser cutting from before.

Veneer Quality

The veneers of a Russian Baltic Birch are significantly thicker than normal plywood, which are compacted close with waterproof glue (moisture resistant Urea Resin). This durable, uniform nature of Baltic plywood provides a strong resistance to damage when compared to other softer materials.

The face and back veneers are thicker than those on top and bottom. To provide a finishing touch, the entire sheet is then laminated in exterior grade adhesive to contribute to the quality of veneers, the adhesive greatly compliments the stability of the veneers. The whole material is entirely made up of birch plies, unlike other material which might contain softwood in the center.

One of the standard BB/BB sizes is highly preferred for face, and black veneers, BB/BB (face back a grade) means that both the face and back veneers are single pieces of veneer without any additional splice being done on the surface.

Can Be Stacked With Other Veneers

Some people dislike the outer texture (football patches or any other shape such as ovals and pins) on the surface of face veneers of Russian Birch, however, they can be gotten rid of by facing them with additional veneers of different wood for decoration and the nature of Russian Baltic birch makes the process easier, as long the plies are of uniform thickness. Keep in mind to add veneer to both faces and back to maintain the balance.

Visual Allure

Baltic birch plywood line pattern

Russian Baltic Birch has a distinct and attractive line pattern on the edges, which is achieved through alternating the inner ply orientation when stacking. This beautiful pattern contributes to the popularity of Baltic plywood whenever exposed edges are desired.

The attractive edges of Russian Birch save people a lot of time and energy on projects which would otherwise be spent on additional work on the edges to make the product appear better. For additional color and texture improvement, the faces and backs can be easily stained by the use of oil-based pigments. Dyes work too.

Comparison with Finnish Birch

Russian Baltic Birch, when compared to Finnish birch, is enormously more suitable for indoor projects, the use of Urea Resin glue provides the plywood enormous moisture resistance.

The thickness of Russian Baltic Birch is measured in the metric system, and the most important part is that Russian Birch is less expensive then Finnish Birch, which in relevant cases, makes the Baltic plywood the ideal material to go for.

Standard Grades

Why Baltic Birch Plywood Is On Top Of Everyone’s List

Here are some standard grades for Baltic plywood veneers as established by the Russian government:

  • B/BB: The grade for single back and face veneers without an additional splice. The face veneer is clear with minimum defects and uniform color while the back veneer is allowed to have 3-6 color patches (the egg-shaped textures or round).
  • BB/BB: The grade for single back and face veneers without an additional splice. Both the face and back veneer are allowed to 3-5 color patches, color defects, and pin knots.
  • BB/CP: The grade for single back and face veneers without an additional splice. The face veneer is clear with minimum defects and uniform color while the back veneer (CP) has unlimited color patches and knots, although none have any open defects.
  • CP/CP: The grade for single back and face veneers without an additional splice. Both the back and face veneer (CP) have unlimited color patches and knots, although none have any open defects.

       *     C/C: Strictly used for structural purposes and allowed to have unlimited color patches and splits.

Standard Thicknesses

Wholesale Baltic Birch Plywood is typically available in the following thicknesses.
3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 25mm, 28mm, 30mm.


After making it to the end of the article, there are some brief caveats you should leave. First and foremost, any project focused on indoor activity needs to have Russian Baltic birch if one wants to make the best of the project, the superior screw holding lends optimal designing to your projects whether they are movable such as sliding skateboards and box drawers or stationery such as various type of stands, saw sleds, kitchen, and bathroom cabinets and even artwork.

The products made using Russian birch last longer; they are more durable and more visually appealing than those made from cheaper, softer wood with hollow spaces in the center. Each ply is uniformly thicker; the whole surface is treated with adhesive and can be faced with veneers of a different type.

The distinctive pattern on the edges allows one to leave the corners exposed without doing much extra work around with minimal sanding, the surface can easily be stained with pigments, and the waterproof glue provides moisture resistance to the projects. The Russian Baltic birch costs lesser than Finnish plywood and is easier to work with.

Thus, in conclusion, your passionate projects require high-quality wood if you desire to make them a piece of admiration and art.

What are your thoughts about today’s article? If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask the comments section below. We are here for you.

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  1. Mary says:

    Beautiful photos and writing! This makes me really feel great about my new bedroom with Baltic Birch Plywood

  • Great post. I agree with many of these list and use Baltic birch everywhere

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